split w​/​Rad Company "I wont be home for new years"

by Discretions

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Split 7' w/ Rad company
"I wont be home for new years"


1.Drunk dialing is a rhetoric tool-
my lifes a bitch but you dont know nothing about her cause
your so full of shit.
i've been doing this for awhile and i dont know how long i can
push myself until i finally give in.
Girl you've always had a way with words and a way of putting
them in my mouth.
For one your jive always brought me down.
Now i lay here and stare at you from the ground.
Here I think of clever ways to let you know that my heart will never
beat a sound for you anymore heres a fucking clue i hate everyone and
i just dont know what to do. yea what to do...
what if i didnt give a shit.
wouldnt that mean you would have to walk home drunk?
and within every mile that you walk, you would finally call me up.
And if i dont answer please dont think its cause i dont care.
Its cause im nothing special and this is my 15th beer.
Is this love? Probably not, I'll let you know after I have a few.
Am i in love? Probably not, but i love being here with you.

2. Passive like you.
Ever since you opened your arms out to me
i held you tight and i cant get you out of mind
Always moving backwards, hardly moving forward, ive been
contemplating word for word, line for line but my luck isnt as easy
as it is to call me a fool. I keep coming back, i keep falling down
because i keep coming back.
Ive been hearing rumors ear to ear, mouth to mouth
but they dont see what i see, maybe im the one thats blind.
My day goes by without a dial ticking, i dont have the time
just because i was never given given given the chance,
im drinking because im hoping to forget.
The next time you call me, i'll make sure am really
fucking drunk. and i swear, i'll fall asleep, on the wheel, before i pass out
I'd like to say, i'd look back and laugh. But you got rid of me oh so fast.
There's nothing much i can do, as much as it hurts, i can honestly say i'll wait for


released October 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Discretions San Antonio, Texas

David Carranza-guitar
Jose Centeno-bass
Nick Gonzales-drums
Carlos Zarmora-guitar

San Antonio, Tejas

Puro Punk Rock brother

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